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Jeron Devonté,
The Vocal Chameleon

"Sing Outside the Box and Hit the High Notes of Life!"

Vocal Fitness Series

Are you a vocalist struggling with breath support, weak or breathy singing, or losing your voice after long sessions? Fitness is the key! Jeron Devonté, who transformed from 298lbs to his fittest self, combines his expertise with two degrees in vocal performance and music education, plus certification as a group fitness instructor, to help you conquer these challenges. As an active vocal coach, Jeron has seen firsthand how fitness and coordination impact breath control. His compassionate yet challenging approach ensures you'll rise to the occasion and take command of your gift. Become a vocal warrior with Jeron Devonté and unleash your full potential! 🎤💪 #VocalWarrior #FitnessForVocalists #JeronDevonté



June 18, 20 @ 6 PM EST and June 22 @ 10 AM EST


640 Morrison Springs Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37415, United States

Venmo: @jeron_d  Cashapp: $jerond93 CASH ACCEPTED
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