Jeron Devonté

The Artist/Performer 

Jeron has an extraordinary talent that shocks most of his listeners. His range extends from F2 to D6 and continues to grow as he practices on a day-to-day basis. Jeron’s talents have afforded him opportunities to perform in opera houses in Italy, historic cathedrals in Ireland, with full orchestras, and alongside the famous singer, Kathleen Battle. His phenomenal musical intuition and effortless musicality move his audience members as they journey through the bountiful and colorful tones that come from his instrument. As a diverse artist and performer, Jeron’s creativity dominates his musicality as he utilizes the skill of his classical music training in other genres that he performs. He finds comfort in performing genres such as classical/opera, r&b, jazz, gospel, and country music. His artistry allows him to find his sound in all the music he performs which leads to his original arrangements of songs like his acclaimed rendition of Tennessee Whiskey. He understands who he is as an artist/performer and it shows in his vocality. Jeron is motivated by vocal pedagogy and aspires to receive his doctorate as a vocal pedagogue in the future. His humble and appreciative demeanor lends well to his success and he is expected to be very successful in his musical career as he continues to cultivate his talents. If you are interested in working with Jeron, fill out the contact section on the home page or click on the link below to book him for your event. 

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