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Jeron Devonté

The Educator 

Jeron, the educator, has accomplished a multitude of feats with his intuitive and modern approach to music education. His personal education experiences did not only prepare him for his career as an educator but those experiences have led him to successfully redefine the music education curricula altogether. Jeron has always had a passion for sharing his gift for music by teaching others the fundamentals of both musical literacy and performance. He has educated students ranging in age from five to seventy years of age with experience levels from none to advanced understandings of music/performance. Most recently, Jeron has taught high school-aged students in both the choral and private vocal studio setting. His impeccable skill to aid the student’s comprehension of instructed materials has led to many successes. He understands that music has multiple layers that can be taught in more ways than one. His personal education includes a Bachelor of Music in vocal music education from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and a Master of Sacred Music in vocal performance from the University of Notre Dame. Jeron is always passionate, charismatic, patient, and encouraging with his students and it shows in their successes. Click on the links below to view Jeron's resume and curriculum vitae to learn more about his experiences. 

Jeron Devonté: The Educator: Welcome
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