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Jeron Devonté

The Conductor 

As a multifaceted professional, Jeron continues to cultivate his skill to communicate with groups of singers which, in turn, translates the musicality of his personal musicianship. Although he prefers to work with advanced singers in the choral setting, his professionalism and content knowledge of music provide the ability for less experienced singers to keep up with other experienced singers. Jeron's leadership skills set him apart from other professionals as he shows the same love and respect for those he makes contact with.  His respectable contributions to music education through his philosophical and unorthodox approach to his instruction shatters any limitations of the capabilities of any choral group that stands before him. As Jeron continues through his career as a conductor, he strives to touch the lives of many with his love and passion for music-making. To witness his informative and beautiful conducting work, click on the link below. 

Jeron Devonte: The Conductor: Welcome
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