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Personal Training for Singers

Jeron is a classically trained vocalist, pianist and choral conductor. He has aided students at the middle school and high school level achieve their vocal goals as soloist as well as a chorister. Jeron offers workshops to choral teachers for their choral groups that may need a little extra work. In these workshops, Jeron addresses healthy vocal production such as; breathing, intonation, phonation, diction, laryngeal adduction and abduction, etc. The takeaways from these workshops for students are; confidence as a soloist and chorister, a stronger sense of self and vocal awareness, and a deeper understanding of what choral singing is. Book Jeron today and watch him cultivate your ensemble's skills into the ensemble you have always desired. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our workshops. Please note that the price is NOT per participant, it is the pay per session. Each session comes with a 2-day package (Mon-Wed, Tues-Thurs, etc.).

Cancellation Policy

If you are to need to reschedule your appointment or cancel, this must be done a full 24 hours before your booking takes place. If you do not comply with this policy, your deposit of $25 for booking the service will be non-refundable.

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