Personal Training for Singers

With the utilization of pedagogical techniques from his vocal studies and collaboration with speech pathologists, Jeron infuses these techniques into his workout regimen. He will be able to teach you the skills to effectively maintain your vocal abilities while vigorously working towards your weight loss/weight training goals. Breath technique is the usually the main issue for vocal faults and without this skillset you could be at risk of permanent vocal damage. Along with this skillset, Jeron helps you apply the technique to your workouts as well which, in turn, will optimize your breath support and strengthen your vocal agility. These techniques are also just as useful for those who do not sing but want to enhance their physical training experiences as they exercise. If you are interested, please follow the link to fill out the consultation application. Jeron has been on his weight loss journey for 5 years. He's successfully lost over 60lbs and still counting. As a singer/athlete, he has found the perfect regimen for optimum weight loss/muscle gain results as well as his vocal growth. If you are singer or someone who has a goal of achieving optimum success in your physical health while preserving and enhancing your vocal abilities, Jeron may be able to set you on the right path. Book him today for your free consultation!

Cancellation Policy

If you are to need to reschedule your appointment or cancel, this must be done a full 24 hours before your booking takes place. If you do not comply with this policy, your deposit of $25 for booking the service will be non-refundable.

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