Personal Training for Singers

Jeron is classically trained in both piano and voice but offers lessons in both instruments outside of the classical genre. He assures to treat his students with respect and kindness at all times. He provides the student with plans for their goals and assessments that lend to student success. Voice and piano lessons start at age 10 for all students. No experience is necessary but serious commitment is required for continuation of lessons. If a student is suspected of not taking lessons seriously, Jeron will sit with the student and the parent, if under the age of 18, to assess the next steps in their educational experience. Jeron also offers online lessons to those who live out of town or are bound by covid-19 restrictions. Contact Jeron directly for more information if interested. Note that lesson prices cannot be negotiated and that bookings function ONLY as a request for service. Lesson dates and times are finalized via phone and email.

Cancellation Policy

If you are to need to reschedule your appointment or cancel, this must be done a full 24 hours before your booking takes place. If you do not comply with this policy, your deposit of $25 for booking the service will be non-refundable.

Contact Details

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